Committed to turning the science fiction of today into the reality of tomorrow.


Our Mission

Barone Consulting believes that the quality of our nations Research & Development programs are only as good as the technical experts overseeing them. As consultants to some of the DoD’s most innovative programs we have the unique opportunity to ensure that our taxpayer dollars are wisely spent, and that the needs of the communities we serve are met. Our mission at Barone Consulting is to treat each of our consultants as valued professionals and to ensure that our customers have access to the best and the brightest talent-pool available anywhere.

How We Work

Our personnel provide “Systems Engineering & Technical Assistance” (SETA) services across a wide range of technical fields and have experience with the military, DoD, R&D, and intelligence communities.

 We’re the technical eyes and ears of a government program.

 As SETA’s we meet regularly with our performers to ensure the programs success. Being a SETA for the DoD means you have expert technical knowledge of your field, excellent organization and presentation skills, and are a skilled communicator able to bridge a diverse universe of stakeholders.

Who We Support

Barone Consulting helps some of the worlds leading experts turn the science fiction of today into the reality of tomorrow. Working with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Barone Consulting provides a cadre of subject matter experts in the areas of computer vision, optics, robotics, semiconductors, nanotechnology, materials, biomedicine, aerospace, and more to partner with DARPA program managers in advancing these fields. We tackle the visionary programs too big or too risky for others to pursue.

 At DARPA we’re re-defining the state-of-the-art.

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