The next step on the road to reusable hypersonic aircraft capable of taking off from a runway, flying to hypersonic speeds, and then landing back on a runway is the development of combined systems that utilize gas turbine engines to reach supersonic speeds, and engines such as scramjets to reach hypersonic speeds. Barone Consulting provides Subject Matter Experts to DARPA’s Advanced Full Range Engine (AFRE) Program. The goal of the AFRE Program is the development, testing, and vehicle integration of these turbine-based combined cycle (TBCC) engines.

The AFRE program aims to develop and test key technologies, resulting in the ground-based testing of a full-scale, integrated system. If successful, these systems may be flight-tested in a future follow-on program.

About Barone Consulting
Founded in 2009, Barone Consulting, provides technical assistance and system engineering services to the Department of Defense and the intelligence community.

Barone Consulting is actively recruiting and encourages strong candidates with Top Secret security clearances, systems integration, flight test, and aeronautical engineering to contact us regarding DARPA opportunities.

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